Permissions for the Use of My Images

Default Permissions

If in doubt, assume all photos displayed on this site are copyright ©Gareth Cooper.

Creative Commons Licensing

If otherwise stated, they are usually licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

In essence, this means that you can use and modify my photographs without requesting further permission, provided that:

  • You credit me for the original image (my name, and a link to the URL where the image was viewed would be ideal)
  • You share the image, and any derivatives of the image that you create, under the same licence.
  • You do not use the image for commercial purposes.

Additional Permissions

Please email me to request permission if:

  • You wish to use my photographs for a commercial venture (including, but not limited to commercial websites, digital distribution, print works)
  • You wish to use my photos on a non-commercial venture but without attributing me as the source of the image.

Most images will be available in a higher resolution, higher quality version than available on this website.

Copyrighted Images

I retain full copyright on some of my images. Copyrighted images must not be used in any situation, whether digitally or in print, commercially or non-commercially, without my permission. Again please email me if you wish to request use of a copyrighted image. Permission for the use of copyrighted images will involve payment for their use. Most images will be available in larger size, higher quality, and without the watermarks used on this site.