“Another Place” by Antony Gormley on Crosby Beach

A good day out at the beach in Crosby, Liverpool to see the Antony Gormley statues facing out to sea. There’s 100 of them, and various numbers become visible as the tide goes in and out.

I’d bought a few new filters. A B&W ‘Big Stopper’ that reduces your photo exposure by 10 stops, meaning a 1/60s shutter speed without the filter becomes around 4s with it. This lets you shoot slow shutter speeds in daylight, giving the nice effect to the sea seen in most of the daytime photos.

Sea at CrosbyCrosby SeaAnother PlaceAnother PlaceAnother Place

We hung around for a bit hoping for a good sunset, but with about an hour to go it was raining and so we headed back to the car with little hope of getting any good shots. Thankfully, just at the right moment the cloud on the horizon broke giving me a hectic 30mins of shooting time. It was still drizzling, so I rattled off a few shots at a time and then cleaned down the filter and repositioned. Didn’t really think I’d get anything good, so quite pleased with the results. Given a little more time, I’d have put a ND filter on to get a long exposure and smooth out the ripples in the water.

Another SunsetAnother PlaceAnother PlaceSunset Over Crosby Beach

Crosby, a set on Flickr.



Shell Island

First proper holiday of the year. Decided to go camping in Wales.

1st stop was Bala. Got a good camp site just off the lake and about 2mins on the bikes to the town. Spend an hour sat in the hedge trying to get photos of birds… to no avail! Got some slightly better ones on a cycle round the lake.

Camping KettleBala Lake Railway StationNot Sitting on this FenceDusk over Bala
Next up, Shell Island itself. Europe’s largest campsite apparently. It’s a good place to go when you don’t want to be rushing around. Some good BBQ’s and a little cycle to Barmouth provided the entertainment. Continue reading


A good weekend for a trip to York. Tried out a bit of HDR photography for the first time in the wild! Got some quite nice shots of York Minster.

York MinsterYork MinsterYork MinsterBenchYork City WallsYork Minster




I think my favourite from the weekend would have to be the (fake HDR) shot along the walls with the Minster in the background at sunrise. 6am I had to get up to take that you know! Freezing too! If I’d known the colour and detail was going to turn out so well, I think I’d have run it through an ND filter to get a long shutter speed and get rid of that traffic in the background. Ah, well!

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